What others say…

"Hey Paul,

Just a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU!!!

Sarah and I are sitting on the back verandah, having a glass of wine and talking about how much our relationship and subsequent lives have improved since seeing you!

We’ll be in touch in a couple of months to have an another appointment but we can honestly say we haven’t been this happy in years; the transformation is massive!

Huge respect and feel free to use us a reference!"

Matthew & Sarah

"Hi Paul,

When you said you worked differently to others, I thought you were just saying that to get people in.

But OMG! Wow! After seeing 3 others and walking away with no help, I am just blown away with how much you’ve helped us in such a short time.

Paul, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

You’re amazing! You really DO work differently! Thank you”

Rochelle & Steve

“Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday.

We always leave your place with renewed hope, some great tools and a touch of magic.

I did good when I manifested you!

Have a great day”

Kelly (and Drew)

“Paul, I just wanted to write to thank you for the time you spent with Kim and I this week. Your insights into our relationship were incredibly powerful for both of us. They really clarified the roles we play, both with each other and in our lives and how these have led to where we are today.

As I told you, I was really dubious about coming to see a marriage counsellor, but now, even though we’ve only had one session, I can already see how so many of our friends and family would benefit from seeing you.

We’re both looking forward to meeting with you again next week. Thanks again.”

Adam & Kim
(Married 8 years)

"Thanks Paul, the tools you gave us are awesome and that one session worked wonders... Everything is just SO MUCH BETTER than it was before. We're really looking forward to the next session, because if THIS is how we are after just one session, I can't wait to see how we'll be after a few more..."

Rick & Christina

“Paul, both Mike and I are really happy that we found you.

We’d seen a Psychologist a few times before but she was just so clinical and academic. And we also booked into another place in Maroochydore but we didn’t really feel comfortable with them either.

As you know, Mike was quite reluctant and anxious when we first came here. But now we’re both really happy that we’ve found you.

You just make it all so clear and it makes so much sense and we’re seeing some really good changes between us and also with the kids.

Thanks Paul…”

Jayne & Michael

“I am so glad I found Paul, he has taken me on a journey where I feel I’ve come a long way since our first meeting and have learnt so much about myself along the way.

With his expertise and counselling, he has helped me break through the emotional barriers that were holding me back, releasing a new confidence on how I view the world and myself.

After years of negative emotional patterns that were so deeply ingrained I have learnt new skills. I now have the ability to be happy and get the fun out of life.”

Jenny M

“Hi Paul, I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your time on Saturday.

We both agreed with and supported the communication model and tools you showed us. They were very helpful.

 Only being newly married and the issues we had, it all certainly needed addressing.

Things are better and we shall make contact again with you in the next couple of weeks.

Megan & Rod
(married 8 months)

Megan and Rod - made their relationship stronger

“Hi Paul, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done. You’ve been so helpful in getting me to see situations more clearly and you were so calming when I first came to you feeling so embarrassed and confused.”

Jan T

“Hey Paul,
 I hope you are awesome! I’ve been thinking about our sessions and I’ve decided that the only downfall of having you as an incredible counsellor is that I can’t really have you as an incredible friend. Thanks for Everything!”

Charlie T

“A long time and very close friend of mine made a comment on the weekend about how much of a change he had seen in me. I told him that therapy for me has been the most wonderful experiences of my life. I cannot articulate correctly how I am presently feeling. I asked him how can someone repay their therapist. He just said” Therapy is a beautiful thing and that you cannot repay something that is priceless”. All I can say is “THANKYOU PAUL MCNIFF” you are indeed a special person.”

Mike K

“Paul, it’s been some time since we spoke. But I wanted to tell you that life has never been better! I feel so incredibly empowered by the work we did. Even after all this time, I am so much more focused, calm, motivated and generally fantastic. Thank you so much….”

Catherine J

“Paul, thanks again for fitting us in on such short notice. It provided us with a lot of comfort. I can honestly say that you are the kindest person I have met. You provide warmth, understanding and tangible solutions. I think you go above and beyond the call of duty… Pete and I are lucky to have met you!”

Gemma & Peter

“Thanks for an amazing session last Tuesday. It really was the breakthrough I’ve been looking for. I’m now eagerly awaiting our next session. Thanks so much…”

Peter S