About Paul McNiff

Paul McNiff is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who specialises in helping people overcome anxiety and make their relationships amazing! Paul works with couples and individuals both in-person and online in Brisbane, and also works with people throughout Australia and globally via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and phone. His passion is helping people to completely overcome the blocks and habits that hold them back in their lives, so they can take back their power and experience freedom, joy, and a true sense of happiness. 

Paul’s passion is also around helping people to have amazing relationships where they feel nurtured, valued, supported and energised. He previously had a Private Practice in Sydney, NSW—in the heart of busy King St, Newtown in Sydney’s inner west region—for several years before he moved his family and his practice to Queensland.

Until 2010 Paul was a Clinical Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW (CAPA) and also a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapist and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Paul decided to discontinue his membership with these associations in 2010 when they advised him that online counselling, such as counselling done via Skype, did not constitute true therapeutic counselling—a very narrow minded perspective which has since been proven to be completely incorrect. Paul has been working online in this area both throughout Australia and globally (via Skype) since around 2008, and achieving powerful outcomes through that work. 

Paul is also the author of the powerful and relationship changing book: "Solving the Marriage Conundrum", which outlines an approach that he has compiled and developed to help couples to stop fighting, rebuild their connection... and completely transform their relationships. Click here to find out more about Solving The Marriage Conundrum...

Paul’s career began in the corporate arena, where he worked for many years as a manager, coach, educator and Change Agent. In his corporate life Paul managed many teams of people and ran a wide range of projects for organisations such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, Spike Cyberworks, and a number of medium-sized Training and IT organisations. He held a variety of roles including PA to IBM's Australian Chairman, Market Solutions Manager, Account Manager and Executive Producer.

During his time in the corporate arena, Paul developed a significant level of coaching expertise. And it was this  that developed into a passion for helping others grow and really achieve their ultimate potential. Following through on his passion for helping people to grow, Paul completed a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change (Psychotherapy) as well as a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy to move into this current field.

Paul has significant experience in working with, and in motivating others. He has been involved in mediation and conflict resolution at most levels. Outside of the corporate arena, Paul has worked closely with high needs disabled children and their families. This diverse background has provided him with the broad experience and skills to help others meet and work through the many challenges they face in their lives.

Paul has also appeared with Antonia Kidman on the Foxtel television series: "The Bigger Things" and has been published as a featured expert by newspapers and publications in the areas of relationships, anxiety, mental well-being and happiness.  

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