Couple Counselling

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship and looking for a way to turn it around?

Marriage Counselling (also known as couple counselling, couple therapy and relationship coaching) is designed to help couples who are experiencing relationship challenges to reconnect and transform their relationship into the one that they want. It also helps couples who may already have a good relationship, to deepen their connection and create a more intimate and supportive relationship together.

No matter how bad your relationship feels right now – don’t give up on it just yet! There are definitely things you can do to turn it around and doing so is probably much easier than you think!

When couples are fighting a lot or avoiding each other, it’s hard for them to know exactly what to do to turn it around and get their relationship back-on-track. And sometimes this makes people feel like giving up. 

And while it’s understandable to feel like this, if this is how your relationship is, please don’t give up quite yet! The tools and strategies that I can provide to you through marriage counselling can help you to turn it all around.

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Paul McNiff, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach and Author

"Thanks Paul, the tools you gave us are awesome and that one session worked wonders... Everything is just SO MUCH BETTER than it was before. We're really looking forward to the next session, because if THIS is how we are after just one session, I can't wait to see how we'll be after a few more..."

Rick & Christina

The rewards for doing this work in your relationship are many!

  • stop fighting and start enjoying time together again
  • stop feeling as if you have to walk on eggshells, or “give in” to your partner... just to prevent them from getting angry or upset
  • start wanting to support each other again – but this time out of love, rather than because you 'should'
  • reclaim who you are!

You will experience a far deeper level of intimacy and a renewed sense of love connection with each other.’ll discover—maybe for the very first time—how amazing it can feel to wake up every day feeling far more satisfied with your relationship and feeling completely supported by your partner.

Are you ready to stop thinking about it... 
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Even just one or two sessions can make a
 big difference to your marriage or relationship!

There is one Big Mistake that most, if not all couples make when they are trying to stop fighting and resolve their issues...

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