Paul McNiff 

Psychotherapist, Coach, Counsellor & Author

Paul McNiff specialises in:

  • Showing couples how to stop fighting, re-connect and completely transform their relationships—for good!
  • Helping people to take back their power and create new habits that will completely eradicate past anxiety reactions
  • Unveiling powerful strategies to help couples prevent the build-up of resentment, frustration and other factors that lead to relationship issues and potential breakups!
  • Showing people how to stop anxiety in its tracks!
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A Really Short Bio

Paul McNiff is the guy (a Degree qualified Psychotherapist) who authored the book: "Solving the Marriage Conundrum". He's also the creator of an innovative new approach to couple therapy that quickly and seamlessly eradicates years of resentment... and helps couples to completely transforms their relationships—fast!

The Transformation is Massive!

Hey Paul, Just a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU!!!

Sarah and I are sitting on the back verandah, having a glass of wine and talking about how much our relationship and subsequent lives have improved since seeing you!

We’ll be in touch in a couple of months to have another appointment but we can honestly say we haven’t been this happy in years; the transformation is massive!

Huge respect and feel free to use us a reference!

Matthew & sarah

Paul with his client: Rob (Millsy) Mills

Paul's approach is very different to others

Relationship Help

Paul understands that the problems that couples talk about... and the things they typically fight about, are really just surface issues or presenting problems. Many couples are not arguing about the true problem! But unfortunately, many people don't understand what the 'REAL' underlying issue is... But until they focus directly on this underlying issue, nothing will shift! Paul's approach deals directly with the underlying issues to create almost instant, yet lasting relationship change for couples.

Anxiety and Depression

Paul doesn't believe that people "have anxiety", but instead that everyone has "a relationship with anxiety". He sees anxiety is an important, almost crucial part of our life. Anxiety is not the problem. The problem is that when people try to fix or avoid anxiety , they generally start to feel even worse, instead of better. So Paul's approach is not about fixing anxiety... It's about changing your relationship with it instead! And the good news; this is easy to change... when you now how!

No More Conundrums

Many of the things couples do to try to keep their relationship safe, or to try to deal with existing problems, often make things even worse; creating the actual problem they're trying to fix.  Once they discover what they're that is actually causing this, couples are able to take back their power and find balance... They're able to work through things in a very different way: a way that not only prevents future issues, but helps them truly get past years of built-up resentment and frustration... for good!

Anxiety is the Relationship Bully

Paul sees anxiety and relationship issues as intrinsically linked. His approach is not about keeping the peace and avoiding arguments, because this just makes things worse. Paul says that the real issue underneath nearly every emotional or psychological problem faced by anyone is anxiety. Anxiety is a Bully! And until you deal directly... and effectively with anxiety and how it is bullying you, nothing will change. But it's not about confronting the bully head on... Paul's approach makes this seamless and easy...

Paul McNiff works with the powerhouse vocal performer: Casey Donovan

Paul with his client: Casey Donovan

Contact Paul...

Paul is available for press and media comment about relationships, anxiety and communication. He's also available for keynote speeches, presentations and training, as well as consulting around relationship challenges,
both personal and business... 

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Instagram: @paul_mcniff

Paul's book: Solving the Marriage Conundrum

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  • Are you sick of struggling in your relationship and wondering if it's even possible to fix things?
  • Do you want to communicate better with your partner... in a way that brings you closer together, rather than creating more arguments and distance?
  • How would you like to find out the secret to re-connecting and working as a loving team again? 

In "Solving the Marriage Conundrum", Paul McNiff shows you the REAL reasons why you're struggling... and also the REAL reasons why your attempts to stop struggling are unlikely to work. (And believe me; these will surprise you!) 

But it doesn't stop there; in Solving the Marriage Conundrum you will also find out exactly what you CAN do, step-by-step, to quickly and easily change your own approach...  and by doing that, you will be able to almost seamlessly re-connect with your partner in a way that you never thought was possible.

TV & Print Media

The Bigger Things... with Antonia Kidman

Early on in his career, Paul appeared as a featured expert on The Bigger Things with Antonia Kidman W Channel, FOXTEL Digital, in an episode about how people reveal hidden secrets and information to their partners, parents and friends. 

Sarah Morrison - Mama Mia, Come from Away

Paul with Sarah Morrison
Actor, Singer, Performer:
Mama Mia, Come From Away

Paul McNiff with songwriter & powerhouse vocal artist: Ellen Reed

Sunshine Coast Daily: Newspaper Article

Paul was a featured expert in an article in the Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper about the link between Christmas and the New Year and relationship challenges and breakdowns..

The Coca-Cola Journey

Paul was approached to write an article as part of the Coco-Cola Journey about five ways to relax and de-stress in the workplace

Paul with Actor: Tim Clarke